another update.

Quite a few things happened...Australia was great. Amazing. And i absolutely will go back there asap. maybe i can do some studying at university there, dunno, i just know, i feel, that i have to go back there, i never felt so good and so intense and i never experienced my surroundings that intense as then.

Back home in Germany, and i am quite....busy actually. A lot of paperworks and appointments to make, and of course my friends.

I met up with Franzi 2 days ago, and it was a blast. I love her, shes amazing. And whats most striking about that day, we took a long stroll outside around lüneburg and talked about ...leaving. Going away. We are actually planning to do so, not joking, i am deadly serious here. Travel around the world with her...mmh....i could really get used to that thought,

17.9.10 17:18


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